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Listen to our customers

Through every step of our process, we place the customer experience as our top priority. Listen to our customers share their experience of installing Piston in their Chicago homes.

Small condo, big impact

Audre & Marius moved into their Chicago condo back in 2012, and recently started renovating it with some upgrades. They found Piston Home after wanting to modernize the lighting in their 140 year-old building.

See how better lighting can have a big impact on apartments & smaller spaces in the city.

1950 to 2020 in one day

Joe and his family moved into a house built in the 50s, but turned it into the smartest house on their block in a day.

Among many features, Piston Home helped Joe: (1) integrate motion-activated lighting throughout the house, (2) setup water leak sensors in different areas, and (3) installed home security features to bring peace of mind to his family.

Set it and forget it

Griffin, his wife, and two girls had recently moved into a three-story house. But they were tripping over toys in the dark and leaving lights on everywhere.

65 switches, 20 sensors, & more than 100 automations later — Griffin no longer needs to bother his kids to flip the lights off.

100% custom-installed.
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