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Let the lights flip themselves.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Instead of struggling to reach for a light switch in the dark, tap into the convenience of motion-triggered lighting. With Piston Home, wireless sensors detect your presence in a room and tune the lights to the exact level you need — brighter during the day and dimmer during late night hours. And of course, lights turn off when no one is around. We like placing these sensors in our kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, utility rooms, and closets.

Motion-Activated Lighting works seamlessly with Scene Lighting. This means that each motion automation can be customized to have its own level of brightness for each light switch in every scene.

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Ultra-Quick Response

Our eyes react in 100 milliseconds.
A snake can strike in 70 ms.
A motion-activated light takes 30 ms.

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Bright During Day, Dim At Night

Brightness levels are dependent on the time of the day. That means at 2am, every light is dim and gentle on the eyes.

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Turns Off Automatically

Forget about flipping the light switch off. When you leave the room, it turns off by itself.

100% custom-installed.
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