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Home Assistant

We design your ultra-smart home automation system with the world-renowned software, Home Assistant. Home Assistant is an open-source software supported by 1,000s of engineers worldwide.

This software platform runs locally in your home. This means that sensitive data about your home cannot leak into the wrong hands. In fact, you can disconnect the internet to your home and your Piston Home system won’t skip a beat.

We want a world where you (and only you) own your data. We never retain customer data. Instead, we like to think of ourselves as interior designers armed with a tech toolkit. We use the latest technology to build a life of luxury and convenience for your family.

Home Assistant: The Future of Home Automation

Unmatched Security

Home Assistant is supported by thousands of engineers around the world. Monthly updates ensure your home will always be secure.

Lockdown Privacy

This software platform runs locally in your home. That means your system never needs to store information about your home in the cloud or share your info with third parties.

Reliable Integrations

Home Assistant works directly with manufacturers to make sure your automations are integrated and working properly with your home.

Infinite Possibilities

Home Assistant & Node-RED allow us to custom design your home in any way you want. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Periodic Updates

With thousands of engineers contributing to this software, your home gets all of the latest updates, features, and will never become obsolete.

Free Forever

Home Assistant is and will always be free.

100% custom-installed.
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