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Luxury and power in one button.

One-Click Scene Lighting

Forget about the hassle of switching on every light when you’re hosting a party. With one click, all your house lights are turned up bright for your guests. Whether it’s your morning routine, dinner time, movie night, or just an evening chill — build the perfect scene for every situation.

And when you’re done, another simple click turns everything off.

one click

One-Click Ease

Whether you’re having guests over or cozying up for a movie, just one press and every bulb changes to the perfect light levels.

ambient room1

Subtle, Gradual Dimming

Give your guests the ultimate low-key mood lighting as your lights dim over several hours.

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Auto Shut-Off Timer

Forget about flipping off the lights. Scenes can be scheduled to turn off after a few hours, so you’re covered if you forget.

100% custom-installed.
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