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Smart Water Leak Detection

Smart water leak detection is one of the most important preventative measures in protecting your home. Costly water leaks can go unnoticed for weeks, even months at a time. With Piston Home, you’ll know if there’s any issues with small water leak detectors in hidden spots around the house. If any leak is detected, you’ll get an instant text message.

How do water leak detectors work?

Water leak detectors utilize various sensor technologies to detect the presence or accumulation of water. There are several types of sensors:

  • Conductive Sensors: these have two electrodes that detect the flow of electricity between them. When water comes into contact with the electrodes, it completes an electrical circuit, triggering an alert.
  • Probe Sensors: these consist of metal probes that detect the presence of water between them. When water bridges the gap between the probes, it triggers an alert.
  • Optical Sensors: these use infrared light to detect the presence of water. When water comes into contact with the sensor, it alters the infrared light’s reflection or transmission, triggering an alert.
  • Acoustic Sensors: these listen for the sound of running water or dripping. They can detect unusual sounds associated with leaks and alert you to potential water leaks.

Once the water leak detector senses the presence of water, it activates an alert mechanism to notify you of the potential leak. The alert mechanism can vary depending on the device and its features. The classic alert mechanism is an audible alarm — a built-in device that produces a high-decibel sound when a leak is detected. This allows you to hear the alert even if you are in another part of your home or building.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Water Leak Detector

Why upgrade to smart water leak detection?

With recent advancements, we now no longer have to rely on an audible alarm to be notified of a leak. With Piston Home, water leak sensors can send text messages whenever a leak is detected. You can also customize it to send messages to other family members, friends, or even neighbors. This means when you’re on vacation, your neighbor will immediately know of any issues even if you don’t have cell coverage in a remote vacation area. Additionally, it can be programmed to have several lights flash around the house for a Visual Alarm. This catches attention immediately, instead of a ping on your phone that you may ignore for a period of time.

We recommend placing leak detectors under the HVAC, washer, sink, toilet, or next to the sump pump in the basement. Even if you do not have any specific leak issues in your home, we recommend our customers to get at least one water leak sensor. In the instance you need an area to be monitored, you can simply toss a water leak sensor in the concerned area — there is no modification in configuration that needs to be done.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Water Leak Detector placed under laundry

How long does a battery last for a smart water leak detector?

Our water leak sensors require one CR2032 battery and they are rated to last more than 5 years. This is very convenient for our customers, as some have placed them in hard-to-reach corners of their home. When the battery eventually dies, replacement is simple with an easy-to-find CR2032 coin battery. The Piston Home system automatically recognizes a new battery and will re-connect the sensor to the system.

How can I ensure my sensor is active and working properly?

With Piston Home, you’ll get automatic periodic messages to confirm your water leak sensors are connected to your system, along with a reminder to test your water leak sensors. The system will also send you a message whenever any issues occur, such as an accidental network disconnection or dead battery.

Piston Home can help with smart water leak systems

Piston Home can help integrate water leak sensors all around your home. Contact us and we can discuss what you need to finish your next project.

water leak light flash

Flash Notification

In addition to sending you an instant text message, the lights in your home can be programmed to flash when Piston Home detects a leak. So you won’t sleep through a basement flood.

coin batteries

Long Battery Life

The batteries in water leak detectors typically last more than 5 years. And when time’s up, a simple coin battery change is needed.

water leak neighbor notification 150x150 1

Neighborly Alerts

While you’re vacationing in remote areas, your Piston Home system can send water leak alerts to friends or close neighbors.

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